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Quitting Smoking – Your New Year’s Resolution

january 1stNew Year – New You. How many people make a resolution every year to give up smoking, but then give up all too soon? Quitting tobacco isn’t easy, and while the start of a new year is a great time to decide to give up the habit, it does mean that you need to put steps in place to give yourself the best chance of avoiding cigarettes. Although quitting isn’t something that happens overnight, the good news is that if you can consistently stick to your resolution for 21 days, you’ll have the best chance of breaking the habit, so here are some top tips to help you give up for good.

Cut Down Your Intake

The first step to success is to just not have any cigarettes around for you to lay your hands on. Don’t buy any more cigarettes once you’ve decided to give up, and don’t carry any out and about with you when you leave the house. You can’t smoke cigarettes that you don’t have.

Replace Smoking With Another Activity

Smoking is a habit in all senses of the word. This means that you probably smoke at particular times of the day, or if something specific triggers you. One of the best ways to give up is to replace smoking with a different, less harmful activity. Some people switch out smoking with snacking and while that is a good idea, if weight is an issue for you, you might want to think of something else. Some people find that they need to do something with their hands to replace the action of smoking, and take up knitting or sewing instead as it keeps their hands occupied with a rhythmic motion.

E-Cigs and Vaping

Increasing numbers of people are finding that switching from cigarettes to vaping helps to improve their chances of success when it comes to quitting tobacco. Vaping is now known to be a healthier and safer way of consuming nicotine, with none of the harmful effects associated with tobacco smoking, and it is now even being recommended by medical professionals as a great alternative to smoking. As e-cigarettes maintain the repetitive muscle action for the hands and arms that smokers are familiar with, while also maintaining the same kind of throat hit, they are a realistic and convenient way to reduce the amount of nicotine consumed over time, until eventually it isn’t needed at all. As an added bonus, e-juice is available in such a vast selection of flavours that there is bound to be one that suits everyone’s taste. From traditional tobacco for those who are really missing their classic smoke to refreshing menthol, fruity tastes and sweet dessert flavours, some of the most excellent e liquids on the market encompass an enormous variety that won’t fail to impress.

Although giving up smoking is never going to be easy, vape pens and delicious e-liquids represent an ideal way to give up tobacco and to enjoy a healthier and happier 2018 without a single cigarette in sight!

You Need To Understand Why It Is Hard When You’re Trying To Quit Smoking

When you’re trying to quit smoking, other smokers are a threat to you. Seeing them light up, inhale, and exhale can immediately trigger that craving for a cigarette. This is the most challenging thing to withstand for a soon-to-be-ex-smoker. When you see others smoking, and you’re trying hard not to, it is difficult, and even more so when it is all that’s on your mind.

Everywhere you look, it seems like everyone is smoking doesn’t it?  Even though there are more restrictions, higher taxes, and the stigma that goes with smoking, you still see people puffing away, and that isn’t helping you and your cravings.

You have co-workers that are smoking, you have family members smoking, your friends are smoking. Go to the movies or watch television and you see actors smoking. And when you see actors smoking, it just glorifies it, making you crave it even more.

Understand Your Craving

woman smokingYou can’t simply hide for the weeks or months that it takes to get through this period. With knowledge comes understanding and with understanding comes power. And when it we’re talking about quitting smoking, this couldn’t be a better statement regarding the things that triggers your cravings.  Having that understanding will help you prepare yourself when it happens.

Experts that have studied people that are trying to quit noted that when you see the repetitious motions that are associated with cigarette smoking from the perspective of a second person, it triggered the desire for a cigarette. There are repetitive motions by a smoker every day, over and over, and the brain learns those motions. This tells us that smoking is more than just a physical craving, it is a behavior of rituals performed while smoking too.

So, when a person that trying to quit sees others following those same rituals, their brain processes those rituals with smoking. Activity then starts to heighten in the parietal lobe because the brain activity associated with the same rituals.

You Can Beat The Cravings

One method you could use to beat this is to turn off the TV, never leave your house again, and avoid all contact with the outside world. However, that is a bit extreme and could cause your family and friends to have concerns for your mental state.

The better option is to cope with the things that trigger your cravings and continue living life. It is hard to believe you’ll get to that point, but within 30 to 60 days (for most people), you will get past these cravings and even be able to talk to smokers again.

Find Coping Strategies

Keep chewing gum and hard candy on hand, especially if your hands are idle, like while watching television. Drink a lot of water – that will drown your cravings, but avoid alcohol which weakens any inhibitions.

Create your safe list of movies or television shows that do not have people smoking in them. The less you see glamorized smoking, the better.

no smokingOpt for going to musicals and plays because public venues do not permit smoking and the show will engage and entertain your mind, which will keep you from thinking about cigarettes. Skip going to the bars for now until you have mastered your cravings.

Find activities that will keep your hands busy such as art and crafts, sewing, woodworking, etc. Keep your guard up and when you see somebody smoking, turn the other way. You’ll only have to do this for a short time, and it will keep your cravings to a minimum.

Vapers Beware: Hackers Are Coming After Your E-Cig

Okay, you know that if you quit smoking, that’s a good thing. And the craze with electronic cigarettes is supposed to be a tool that helps you do that, another good thing. But did you know that there is danger in your e-cig, other than some health concerns that have been presented? Electronic cigarettes could lead to your computer being hacked. And from there, it’s just a click here and there into your bank account, credit cards, and more.

Your Vaporizer May Be A Code Modifier

The trust in technology seems to always be on the border of, well, untrustworthy. With global attacks announced what seems to be almost daily, the fact that we rely on our computers so much, it is scary out there in the cyberworld.

So, when word got out that electronic cigarettes could be used as code modifiers and hack into our computers, it created valid concerns. When you consider all the important and personal data that is on your own computer, it can become worrisome.

How Is This Possible?

Most electronic cigarettes are charged by the USB port on user’s computers. With a tweak here and a tweak there, the vaporizer can become a weapon and download numerous malicious payloads off internet. There was concerns like this when iPods were all the rage, which downloaded iTunes off the internet. A user could download iTunes from various websites, some which could have malware and viruses that would transfer to the iPod via the computer.

And so, in a world where everything is connected can leave us with ramifications from staggering cybersecurity. Any security expert or strategist will tell you that that IoT is essentially broken. And while there is an eagerness for developers and manufacturers to release their new devices, they unfortunately overlook security issues. If the security in the IoT is to ever improve, a key requirement is to establish and follow interoperable open standards according to most experts, even small devices such as electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Nothing More Than an USB Device

vape pensDemonstrations recently have proven how a vaporizer is more than an alternative to traditional cigarettes. And while this discovery is amusing, it is also problematic because it proved that smokeless alternative device operates much like any USB device – which can be hacked.

Yes, even your e-cig can used by a hacker to pass codes off to your computer and give it commands. While computers are ‘smart’, they must be told what they know, meaning, the hacker can tell your computer to collect your personal data and leave a calling card behind, otherwise known as a virus.

Your Saving Grace – Little Memory

Fortunately, electronic cigarettes do not have a lot of memory, and as such, code that is too complex isn’t going to make it through to your computer. In addition, to beef up cyber security, most enterprises block using USB ports, prevent attacks like Wannacry. But regardless, vapers need to be cautious. While you may be doing your body a good thing by switching from traditional cigarettes, you could be putting your computer at risk.

Yuck!  Why Is Your E-Cig Tasting So Bad?!

Getting ramped up for another work day …. Got your cup of java poured and your electronic cigarette fired up. And yuck!  That first vape just isn’t right – what the heck?!  What is that burnt taste sensation you’re getting and more important, why?

There are several reasons why your e-cig could be giving you a burnt taste. And there are solutions to prevent that from happening too, which we are going to share with you.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is when you vape without pausing. This is common among newbies as they are trying out their new gadget. And for many veteran vapers, they tend to get be a little over zealous with a full e-juice tank and the ignition knob. Chain vaping is hard on the coil because the wick isn’t allowed to absorb the e-juice after each puff. The result being a dried-out cord that gets burned.

Stop Chain Vaping

You can stop the burnout by stopping the chain vaping. Wait thirty seconds in between your puffs.  If your chain vaping is easing your nicotine cravings, you should consider using a higher nicotine concentration in your e-juice to mollify that throat hit. Taking gentler puffs helps eliminate that burnt taste too or you could purchase two electronic cigarettes and alternate between them.

Prime Your Coils

If you’re experiencing that burnt taste with a fresh vape, it could be that you haven’t primed the coils.  The coils need to be primed, even new coils. When you skip this step, you’re sure to have that burnt taste and that isn’t pleasant.

How To Prime That E-Cig

It isn’t that hard really and worth taking the time! First you want to make sure the coil and your device are made to work together in regard to the watts limit. Too high of a wattage will burn your coil fast. Next, soak the coil in the e-juice before you place it in the tank. Third, trickle a tad of e-juice in each coil hole.

Most coils have two small input holes: One on the side and a larger hole on top of the coil. Be sure you can see the wick through each opening and drop 3 drops of e-liquid in each hole. When the e-liquid is at the top, stop. Then let the coil sit for a few minutes before lighting up your e-cig.

Do you practice high power vaping?

High powered vaping does spoil your coils. Exceeding the stipulated wattage range (inscribed on the side of your coils) results in roasting or failing faster. Vaping at a higher temperature also causes vaporization of the e-juice quicker than the wick can absorb. Puffing of the vape pen more than often leads to the vape tasting burnt.

High Power Vaping Requires Special Handling

If your electronic cigarette device has adjustable wattage, keep it in an average range, especially you’re a fan of taking long hits. And if you are a heavy vaper, meaning you vape all day, every day, then you may want to consider a rebuildable atomizer.

Low Vape Juice Level

Just like you shouldn’t let your car’s gas tank run low because it is hard on the fuel pump, same is to be said about your electronic cigarette’s tank running too low on e-juice. When the wick doesn’t have enough e-juice to absorb, you get that burnt taste. It isn’t worth trying to get the very last drop.

Some E-Juices Create Blockages

Some e-juices can damage the coils and create blockages, common in e-juices that have a high sugar content or high concentration of VG. A high VG level has almost a glue-like substance which stiffens the wicks. Experts recommend vape juices under 70% for the best, long-lasting results.