Getting ramped up for another work day …. Got your cup of java poured and your electronic cigarette fired up. And yuck!  That first vape just isn’t right – what the heck?!  What is that burnt taste sensation you’re getting and more important, why?

There are several reasons why your e-cig could be giving you a burnt taste. And there are solutions to prevent that from happening too, which we are going to share with you.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is when you vape without pausing. This is common among newbies as they are trying out their new gadget. And for many veteran vapers, they tend to get be a little over zealous with a full e-juice tank and the ignition knob. Chain vaping is hard on the coil because the wick isn’t allowed to absorb the e-juice after each puff. The result being a dried-out cord that gets burned.

Stop Chain Vaping

You can stop the burnout by stopping the chain vaping. Wait thirty seconds in between your puffs.  If your chain vaping is easing your nicotine cravings, you should consider using a higher nicotine concentration in your e-juice to mollify that throat hit. Taking gentler puffs helps eliminate that burnt taste too or you could purchase two electronic cigarettes and alternate between them.

Prime Your Coils

If you’re experiencing that burnt taste with a fresh vape, it could be that you haven’t primed the coils.  The coils need to be primed, even new coils. When you skip this step, you’re sure to have that burnt taste and that isn’t pleasant.

How To Prime That E-Cig

It isn’t that hard really and worth taking the time! First you want to make sure the coil and your device are made to work together in regard to the watts limit. Too high of a wattage will burn your coil fast. Next, soak the coil in the e-juice before you place it in the tank. Third, trickle a tad of e-juice in each coil hole.

Most coils have two small input holes: One on the side and a larger hole on top of the coil. Be sure you can see the wick through each opening and drop 3 drops of e-liquid in each hole. When the e-liquid is at the top, stop. Then let the coil sit for a few minutes before lighting up your e-cig.

Do you practice high power vaping?

High powered vaping does spoil your coils. Exceeding the stipulated wattage range (inscribed on the side of your coils) results in roasting or failing faster. Vaping at a higher temperature also causes vaporization of the e-juice quicker than the wick can absorb. Puffing of the vape pen more than often leads to the vape tasting burnt.

High Power Vaping Requires Special Handling

If your electronic cigarette device has adjustable wattage, keep it in an average range, especially you’re a fan of taking long hits. And if you are a heavy vaper, meaning you vape all day, every day, then you may want to consider a rebuildable atomizer.

Low Vape Juice Level

Just like you shouldn’t let your car’s gas tank run low because it is hard on the fuel pump, same is to be said about your electronic cigarette’s tank running too low on e-juice. When the wick doesn’t have enough e-juice to absorb, you get that burnt taste. It isn’t worth trying to get the very last drop.

Some E-Juices Create Blockages

Some e-juices can damage the coils and create blockages, common in e-juices that have a high sugar content or high concentration of VG. A high VG level has almost a glue-like substance which stiffens the wicks. Experts recommend vape juices under 70% for the best, long-lasting results.