quit smoking resolution

january 1stNew Year – New You. How many people make a resolution every year to give up smoking, but then give up all too soon? Quitting tobacco isn’t easy, and while the start of a new year is a great time to decide to give up the habit, it does mean that you need to put steps in place to give yourself the best chance of avoiding cigarettes. Although quitting isn’t something that happens overnight, the good news is that if you can consistently stick to your resolution for 21 days, you’ll have the best chance of breaking the habit, so here are some top tips to help you give up for good.

Cut Down Your Intake

The first step to success is to just not have any cigarettes around for you to lay your hands on. Don’t buy any more cigarettes once you’ve decided to give up, and don’t carry any out and about with you when you leave the house. You can’t smoke cigarettes that you don’t have.

Replace Smoking With Another Activity

Smoking is a habit in all senses of the word. This means that you probably smoke at particular times of the day, or if something specific triggers you. One of the best ways to give up is to replace smoking with a different, less harmful activity. Some people switch out smoking with snacking and while that is a good idea, if weight is an issue for you, you might want to think of something else. Some people find that they need to do something with their hands to replace the action of smoking, and take up knitting or sewing instead as it keeps their hands occupied with a rhythmic motion.

E-Cigs and Vaping

Increasing numbers of people are finding that switching from cigarettes to vaping helps to improve their chances of success when it comes to quitting tobacco. Vaping is now known to be a healthier and safer way of consuming nicotine, with none of the harmful effects associated with tobacco smoking, and it is now even being recommended by medical professionals as a great alternative to smoking. As e-cigarettes maintain the repetitive muscle action for the hands and arms that smokers are familiar with, while also maintaining the same kind of throat hit, they are a realistic and convenient way to reduce the amount of nicotine consumed over time, until eventually it isn’t needed at all. As an added bonus, e-juice is available in such a vast selection of flavours that there is bound to be one that suits everyone’s taste. From traditional tobacco for those who are really missing their classic smoke to refreshing menthol, fruity tastes and sweet dessert flavours, some of the most excellent e liquids on the market encompass an enormous variety that won’t fail to impress.

Although giving up smoking is never going to be easy, vape pens and delicious e-liquids represent an ideal way to give up tobacco and to enjoy a healthier and happier 2018 without a single cigarette in sight!